Clay tiles have been a favored Residential Roofing System due to their natural design as well as their natural fire-resistant properties.  In South Florida, Clay Roofs provide a beautiful and luxurious statement while complementing the natural design style that can be seen throughout the area.

At Design Roofing, we provide beautifully-crafted clay roofing tiles in a variety of finishes and colors to appeal to each individual client of South Florida.

For millennia, clay roofing has withstood the stresses of weather from the Orient to St. Augustine, Florida.  This ever-evolving roofing method carries many benefits that make it a continued product throughout the United States, Europe and the Middle East.  Such benefits include:

  • Retain Color and Finishing
  • High Resistance to Mildew and Staining
  • Easily Maintained
  • Non Thermally-Conductive
  • Custom Color Options: Natural Clay, Matte and Glazed Looks

Clay Roofing: Luxurious and Durable Roofing

We are committed to providing the finest products and highest-quality of service.

Clay Tile Roofing is able to resist most weather – including hurricanes – and reduce energy costs, which provides protection and security to our Florida clientele!  From traditional Spanish and Mediterranean home styles, we offer this type of roofing in replications of shake, slate and wood shingles as well.

  • Solar Reflectance
  • Color Stay (non-fading)
  • Color Selection
  • Fungus and Mildew Resistant
  • Wind/ Weather Resistant

Enhancing the Value of Your Home with Clay Tile

Blended Clay Roof Tiles

Get creative with a multi-colored approach to roofing.  Blended Tiles are appealing to the eye and can zest up a home of soft-tones.

Glazed Clay Roof Tiles

Ever-popular, Glazed Tiles offer a sleek and modern finish to your home and is available in a variety of pigments.

Matte Clay Roof Tiles

As clay tiles naturally contain inorganic color pigments that boost reflectance, a matte finish adds color enhancement to work with the colors of your home.

Natural Clay Roof Tiles

Go Organic! Natural Tiles offer a seamlessly clean look to your home, garden and front drive.

Clay Brick Pavers

We install Brick Pavers in accordance to water absorption codes and the latest strength and compression tests.  These pavers are customized for Decks, Driveways and Entryways, Patios, Plazas and even your backyard Pool Deck!