Rubber Roofing is a long-lasting Modified Bitumen Roof. What is known as the ‘Rubber Roof’ is also classified as ‘Hot’, or ‘Hot Asphalt Roof.’  This roofing method is specifically designed to be resistant to punctures and tears due to traffic.

Durability is one of the many reasons Rubber Roofing is appealing for institutional establishments, design professionals and shopping centers.

Rubber Roofs are well-known for withstanding the elements.  The professionals at Design Roofing Corp. weld multiple layers of materials together to create a durable and functional roof.

Why Choose a Rubber Roof

  • Waterproof Barrier for Protection
  • Prolongs Life-Span of Roof
  • Reflects Heat for Efficient In-Home Heating and Cooling

What to Expect from Your Rubber Roof

The recommended schedule of maintenance with a Modified Bitumen Roof includes a Spring and Fall Inspection.   Contact us to find out how to become part of our Commercial Roofing Maintenance Plan!

Our Maintenance Plan is easy to track as it coincides with biannual budget planning times.  Commercial residencies and buildings require thorough searches for small defects that occur over time, such as cracking, open laps, etc.