A blend of materials, the Modified Bitumen system offers great performance and weather resistance.

Modified Bitumen is a time-tested method and has been improved upon to become the long-lasting application it is today.  We use a built-up system (BUR) on Flat Roofs to incorporate insulation that is effective to saving on heating and cooling costs.  We ‘build-up’ to each client’s specific needs.

The Modified Bitumen Roofing System is the #1 Choice for commercial property owners who are willing to invest in their property.

Hot asphalt is used in layering this method of commercial roofing.  This happens to be the best waterproofing method available in the industry!  However, the benefits extend beyond waterproofing and include:

  • Strength
  • Resistance to Thermal Shock
  • Lighter-Weight Roofing System

What to Expect: Roof Inspection

The recommended schedule of maintenance with a Modified Bitumen Roof includes as inspection in both the spring and fall. Contact us to find out how to become part of our Commercial Roofing Maintenance Plan!

This is easy to track as it coincides with biannual budget planning times.  Commercial residencies and buildings require thorough searches for small defects that occur over time, such as cracking, open laps, etc.  These occur with time, heat and UV Rays.

Modified Bitumen roofs are highly successful.  Ensure your roofs performance by contacting us today!